Friday, August 22, 2014

Wonderings and Imaginings

The desire to create Pretty has long been my jam.
Since I was young I have always been crafty.
I always loved art class.
I always liked pretty cakes.
I always, always drew sketches of how I would decorate my room.  Pillow arrangements, wall collages, you name it.
I made my own cute bedding in college.
I stenciled many a wood projects growing up.
I always made homemade gifts for family.
I have been a singer for as long as my vocal chords functioned.
I have always looked at beautiful things and thought, "I could do that."
Not to diminish what someone else made, but I had every faith that if I was determined I could do it too.

I am a mother of five fascinating children.
I am talking, fascinating!
They are bright and beautiful and talented and capable.
I do not say this to brag. 
I do not think it is possible to brag as a parent.
Not when you recognize that any of the goodness and light and potential in them is from God.
The glory is His, and I glory in these amazing human beings He is letting us raise.
He made them.
He has a plan for them.
And that is fascinating.

Now that four of them are in school all day and the baby girl is in preschool part of three days a week
I have some time.
My very own time.
(fingers drumming)
Truth be told, my heart has been drumming its fingers for a long time now.
A spark has always been ignited in this old soul of mine.

I want to use my creative passions.
I want to create, create, create!
I just want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares....

I had this idea for a website.
A creative website.
A home for all of my imaginings.
Things that I stay up late obsessing about.
A design plan for the kids bathroom.
A watercolor.
An oil painting of a photo I took at the beach.
Learning to play some fun guitar arrangements of kids songs for Gavin's 1st grade class.
Singing.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.
Should I start a wedding cake business.  Like, in home.  Super simple.  Like the bride needs to know that I am a self-taught cake artist.  And I do simple and sweet.  Ooh, 'Simple & Sweet', that's a cute name for the business....

These are my imaginings.

Things that ricochet around in my brain, and I feel that if I do not give them some sort of order, I will lose them.
Simply put, I just want a home for them all.

My only reservation was that I wanted the things that I put time, money, heart and soul into to serve a greater purpose.  I want to feel like my art is doing something for others.  Touching others' lives.

So, in the beginnings of The Make Project, I decided that a portion of the profits from my art or cakes, would go toward a charity.

I chose the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  My dad died from Leukemia last year.  I sat by his side in the hospital as he slipped away.  From the time he received his diagnosis to the time of his death was 11 days. 

This was it. 
This is how I could benefit others by using art and creativity.

So let's Make something, shall we?

**Blog still under construction.  Stay tuned for brand new site and art shop!